Monte Nicholson's novel is pure entertainment, an enthralling, action-packed drama that will keep you in suspense to the last page . . . and wondering long after
a story so controversial
it could only be told as fiction
The collector's book that started it all!
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Last updated: May 1, 2014
$25.95 U.S. buyers ONLY
$25.95 U.S. buyers ONLY
What if Elvis Presley didn't really die?  What if he simply decided to arrange his disappearance, worn out after so many years of onslaught by his adoring fans?

What if one of today's Elvis impersonators was the real Elvis impersonating an impersonator?

This thriller/mystery confronts you with these and other intriguing questions when a newly-retired cop becomes entangled in a bizarre case of identity crisis.  On a vacation trip to Graceland, Mark Howe snaps a photo of Elvis boarding a helicopter --- hours after a coroner certified Presley's death.

Now, somebody wants Mark Howe dead . . .
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published by Living The Dream Press
International & Canadian Orders Only
International & Canadian Orders Only
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EXTRA! EXTRA! The Presley Connection,
the sequel to The Presley Arrangement
originally scheduled for release  late 2012
has experienced delays. New target
release date is spring of 2014.

As the publisher, I apologize for the unavoidable delays often experienced by authors.
The collector's book that started it all!